Prism Freestyle Pilot DVD


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The most definitive kiting video ever produced, Freestyle Pilot is a step-by-step coaching program that takes you from your first landings to the most challenging freestyle tricks being done today.

Learn from Mark Reed, the mastermind behind Prism Designs and world renowned freestyle pilot. Mark reveals the tips and learning techniques that have made him one of the most celebrated instructors in kiting. Get the most from your flying with digital split screens, detailed slow motion explanations, and practice exercises that simplify the most complicated techniques and save you hours of trail and error.

Sections cover landings, stalls, slides, snap stall, cartwheel launch, leading edge launch, fade launch, light wind techniques, backflips, yo-yo, lazy susans, flapjack, axel, axel landing, double axel, coin toss, jacob’s ladder, fruit roll-up…and much more! Also includes “Trick Show II,” 15 minutes of outrageous flying by Mark Reed, John Welden and Tom Ettel that will amaze and inspire.